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?Balticus Advocatus? consults physical and legal persons on legal questions, performs documentary legal evaluation, makes drafting of legal documents, represents client interests in business deals, in state executive and local government institutions, in social and non-governmental organizations, in law enforcement and law and order institutions and courts
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Arūnas Marcinkevičius
Arūnas Marcinkevičius


Attorney Arūnas Marcinkevičius and Partners law firm „Balticus Advokatus“ (the law firm "Balticus Advocatus") is located near the center of Vilnius, Naugarduko str. 34, in the 2nd floor of the building where is located AB “Montuotojas”.

“Balticus Advocatus” (established on the 15th of March in 2005), Law Office of Advocate A. Marcinkevičius (established on the19th of January in 2005) and A. Marcinkevičius firm of legal advices “Rectum Esse” (established in 1997) were the predecessors of the Law Office “Balticus Advocatus”.

All the lawyers in our firm follow the principe „to be fair and just“ (lot. rectum esse).

Our legal team follows principles of Advocacy and continues traditions of legal practice. The main aim for us is confidentiality and maximum legal protection of our client‘s rights and his/her concerns.

All the lawyers in our firm continuously keeps a close watch on the changes in law and their impact on clients' legitimate rights and interests. We always seek to maximize the use of all legal and lawful means to protect our clients' interests and legal defense. Special attention is given for the continual improvement of lawyers‘ professional skills. It makes the base of qualified legal service and legal aid.

„Balticus Advocatus“ gives the posssibility for clients to use legal service that can be suggested by all our legal team.

Our firm's attorneys consult natural and legal persons and their collective organizations in Lithuania and foreign countries. We represent their interests in business dealings, also in various local and state governmental institutions. We protect clients' rights and interests in law and judicial institutions and their instances.

„Balticus Advocatus“ constantly cares of a legal aid for non-governmental organizations. We provide them with legal advices and assist them in preparation of legal documents.

We consult trade unions, social and political organizations and parties, State and municipal authorities. We help to formulate legislation drafts and propose suggestions in legislative issues.

The Law Office maintains business relations with lawyers, solicitors, legal advicers from Lithuanian, the European Union institutions and foreign countries.   © 2005   Balticus Advocatus.   All Rights Reserved.  Legal Notice and Disclaimer