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¬ďBalticus Advocatus¬ď consults physical and legal persons on legal questions, performs documentary legal evaluation, makes drafting of legal documents, represents client interests in business deals, in state executive and local government institutions, in social and non-governmental organizations, in law enforcement and law and order institutions and courts
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Legal acts search
:: Parliament of the Republic of Lithuania. Document Search
:: Legal portal

State institutions
:: President of the Republic of Lithuania
:: Government of the Republic of Lithuania

:: Ministry of Justice
:: Ministry of Education and Science
:: Ministry of Health Care
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:: The Constitutional court of the Republic of Lithuania
:: The Supreme Court of Lithuania (Lithuanian only)
:: The Supreme Administrative Court
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:: Vilnius Court of Commercial Arbitration
:: Vilnius International and National Commercial Arbitration

Local Authorities
:: Association of Local Authorities in Lithuania
:: Vilnius City Municipality
:: Kaunas City Municipality
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Law and order and law protection institutions
:: The Prosecutor¬ís Office of Lithuania
:: Police department under the ministry of the interior
:: Vilnius city supreme police commissioner office (Lithuanian only}

Legal municipal institutions
:: Lithuanian Bar Association
:: The Lithuanian Chamber of Notaries
:: The Lithuanian Camber of Bailiff (Lithuanian only)
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Mass media
:: Lithuanian news agency ELTA
:: Lithuanian news agency BNS
:: Daily newspaper "Lietuvos rytas" (Lithuanian only)
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Professional unions
:: Pre-trial institutions professional union (Lithuanian only)
:: Vilnius city police workers professional union (Lithuanian only)

:: News and information portal "Delfi" (Lithuanian only)
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